Hello, I’m Charlotte.

I ride motorcycles, make stuff and love a bit of an adventure. I live in London with my partner and my six year old daughter.  

Several years ago, I flew to Seattle to buy a 1978 xs650 chopper, sight unseen. I rode it down to LA and then followed the route of the cult biker movie Easy Rider, searching out as many filming locations as I could. On the way, I slept out in the desert in Death Valley, visited Dennis Hopper’s grave and the DH Lawrence ranch and rode about 3500 miles almost completely on my own.

In 2019, me and my mate Claire bought a pair of crappy Chinese little Skyteam Dax 125 monkey bikes for about £600 each second hand and rode them from London to Istanbul. We rode through the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland, travelled all along the Adriatic coast from Trieste to Albania and rode across Greece to Turkey and onto Istanbul. Out bikes broke down a lot, but on the way we met some amazing people, visited some truly breathtaking places and even ended up being hosted by the Turkish Women’s Motorcycle Club, who invited us to ride on the national day parade with them.

When I’m not on an adventure, tinkering with bikes or building stuff in the garage, I also help organise women-only rideouts in London. If you’d like to come on one, keep an eye on my Instagram account @hardtailchop

I’ve got a YouTube channel, too. It’s a bit rough and ready, but if you like watching two women chatting shit whilst riding profoundly unreliable bikes through obscure bits of eastern Europe you’re in luck: