Hello, I’m Charlotte.

I live in London with my partner and my four year old daughter.  I ride motorcycles and love a bit of an adventure.

Last summer, I flew to the USA, bought a second hand, custom-built chopper with a 40 year old engine and rode across country, from Seattle to Los Angeles and then onto New Orleans, following the route that Wyatt and Billy took in the film Easy Rider, visiting some of the film locations and generally geeking out about the cult movie that got me into bikes in the first place. I rode 4500 miles, had an amazing adventure and you can read all about it my blog archives.

This summer, I’m planning on doing something a little different…

This is me (on the right) and my awesome mate Claire. Recently, we both bought monkey bikes to prat around on in London. They’re Chinese built copies of the classic 70s Honda Dax and they’re pretty much the cheapest road legal motorcycle you can buy in the UK – and we didn’t even buy them new.

They’re ridiculous little bikes and we like them so much that it got us thinking. How far could someone reasonably ride a bike like this in a month? Where could we go on a second hand, six hundred quid mini bike?

To answer that question, we’ve blocked out the month of May in our diaries and bought a couple of tickets on the Eurostar.  We’re leaving on Friday 26th April and our aim is to make Istanbul by about the third week in May.

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