So it’s winter and that means that for most of the time I’m out on the bike, it’s going to be something a bit more modern. My chop’s a great ride, but when it’s properly cold and wet, most of the time, I’m going to chose to ride something a bit more modern. My Triumph explorer has heated grips and a heated seat and I quite often ride with my Keis heated vest, keeping me pretty damned toasty even in the nastiest weather. But what if I do want to ride my chop? There’s no way that I want to fit heated grips to aRead More →

Our day started with breakfast in the apartment hotel – I’d score some food the previous night, so we were able to avoid the inevitable disappointing hotel breakfast and make a fairly quick getaway. I was delighted to discover that the window to our ground floor room opened far enough that we could just climb out onto the car park rather than having to go all the way out through reception. Stuff like this makes me unaccountably happy…Read More →

Today has been wet. Damned wet. Ordinarily, I can cope with a bit of rain on the bike; I ride a big motorcycle with a lovely screen and plenty of weather protection. I usually wear waterproof textiles and good boots and gloves. On this trip though, not so much…Read More →

Today was a seriously long day, so in lieu of words, here’s some video from my helmet cam, in which Claire and I discuss our first day and how it was that we narrowly avoided getting kicked off the channel tunnel train for being on fire… More →

A guest post from Claire… Motorbike trackers. We’ve all thought about getting them – but there are a lot of different choices out there. I’d like to give you an introduction to the one I use and tell you a bit about how to set it up.Read More →

So obviously, we’re going to want to carry some luggage. We also kinda want to avoid breaking down if we can help it. There’s only one thing for it – To The Batcave! I mean garage.Read More →

Designed by the awesome and talented Mark O’Brien of and influenced heavily by the original Honda Dax artwork from the seventies. Get in touch with Mark if you need a graphic designer, zombie tarrot cards or you’re recruiting for a rock-balancing artist in residence. There will be stickers available very soon…Read More →

Last year, I went on a wheelie day with It was a brilliant day and one of the pieces of advice that Cassie, our instructor gave us was that if we wanted to practice when we got home, maybe we shouldn’t use big bikes at first. Nobody likes to crash an expensive bike, so she suggested we get a little Grom or a monkey bike to prat about on. So I went out and bought a Chinese clone of the Honda Dax ST70. This one’s a 2017 Skyteam Dax 125 that I bought off eBay for about half what the original owner paid forRead More →