Racer Forge heated gloves

So it’s winter and that means that for most of the time I’m out on the bike, it’s going to be something a bit more modern. My chop’s a great ride, but when it’s properly cold and wet, most of the time, I’m going to chose to ride something a bit more modern. My Triumph explorer has heated grips and a heated seat and I quite often ride with my Keis heated vest, keeping me pretty damned toasty even in the nastiest weather.

But what if I do want to ride my chop? There’s no way that I want to fit heated grips to a custom bike, but I’ve got way to used to having warm hands these days. Step forward the heated glove!

There are pretty much two ways you can go with this. The traditional route is to get gloves that plug into your existing kit (like the Keis vest) but an option that’s opened up recently is to get a glove that’s got it’s own battery and is totally self-contained. I recently got to try the Racer Forge gloves* and this is my video review of what I thought about them:

So here’s the skinny:

  • Great quality (calf skin leather, lovely standard of finish)
  • No obvious crash protection
  • Will keep you warm for up to six hours
  • Waterproof
  • Battery has to be removed to be charged and is an obvious lump on your cuff
  • Very comfortable and great feel and feedback compared to an unheated winter glove

* I didn’t buy these gloves – they were provided for review by Racer

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