This is the route I’m working on. Fly into Seattle at the beginning of May to buy the bike, ride south on the 101 and meet my brother in law @philipnrmn in SF a few days later. The plan is to ride the route that Billy and Wyatt did in Easy Rider (with a few deviations to see other stuff) and end up in New Orleans a couple of weeks later.

Phil’s going to ride with me through CA, maybe into NV and down to AZ before heading back home. I’ll carry on to the Four Corners monument and beyond into Colorado and up to Wolf Creek Pass.  From there, down to Taos, NM and (hopefully) the D.H.Lawrence ranch.

Ride south to Las Vegas, NM for the jail scene (and parading without a permit) and keep on going to Roswell because I’m a sci-fi freak and if I’m there, I want to ride along the extra-terrestrial highway.

After that, a mad dash across Texas and on into Louisiana, Morganza and Krotz Springs.  I shall try to avoid meeting a local with shotgun and a goitre on his neck.

This is a copy of the Google Docs spreadsheet that I’m working on – the live link is here:

Day Date Day Start Overnight Miles Notes Route shortcut
Wednesday 02/05/18 1 London LGW Anacortes, WA 0 Arrive SEA-TAC and hire car to Anacortes
Thursday 03/05/18 2 Anacortes Astoria 274 Route 101
Friday 04/05/18 3 Astoria Crescent City 364 Route 101
Saturday 05/05/18 4 Crescent City Fort Bragg 281 Route 101
Sunday 06/05/18 5 Fort Bragg Oakland, CA 189
Monday 07/05/18 6 Oakland, CA Pismo Beach, CA 266 Via hw1
Tuesday 08/05/18 7 Pismo Beach, CA Mojave 197 Via hw1
Wednesday 09/05/18 8 Mojave Furnace Creek 179 Via Ballerat
Thursday 10/05/18 9 Furnace Creek Barstow 177
Friday 11/05/18 10 Barstow Seligman 288 Via Amboy and Needles
Saturday 12/05/18 11 Seligman Kayenta 227 Via Wupatki national monument
Sunday 13/05/18 12 Kayenta Chromo, NM 249
Monday 14/05/18 13 Chromo, NM Las Vegas, NM 194 Via Taos, NM (DH Lawrence and Dennis Hopper’s graves)
Tuesday 15/05/18 14 Las Vegas, NM Roswell 179 Aliens!
Wednesday 16/05/18 15 Roswell Abiline 315
Thursday 17/05/18 16 Abiline Palestine 291 Via Glen Rose Creation Evidence Museum
Friday 18/05/18 17 Palestine Lafayete 278
Saturday 19/05/18 18 Lafayette New Orleans 211 Via Morganza and Krotz Springs movie locations
Sunday 20/05/18 19 New Orleans New Orleans 0
Monday 21/05/18 20 New Orleans New Orleans 0 Book bike into freight agent
Tuesday 22/05/18 21 Flight home
Total 4159